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Femjoy beauty Alisa Amore nude on a beach

Voluptuous brunette Alisa Amore stands naked on the beach with a straw skirt on her waist. As the sun goes down, golden shines tease her magnificent big breasts and the warm evening breeze caressing her Stunning 18 year old pussy. Her delicious lips forming a sultry smile as she is uninhibitedly posing in the front of the camera. Her gorgeous eyes promise the pleasure everyone dreams about.

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The Power Of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality adult content is something that has been around since 2015 but it’s only in the last year and a half that it’s been gaining a lot of momentum. A lot of people have been transitioning from watching normal porn videos to watching VR porn. You might ask yourself why is this happening? Compared to normal adult entertainment where there’s no real “action” on the side of the user, with VR porn consumers feel like they are much more engaged in what’s going on and they are actually part of the movie itself.

VR porn can only be watched with a VR headset, not with just a browser. Therefore, it requires people to choose the right device for them. Most of the VR headsets are sold online with prices ranging from below $100 all the way up to $700. Cheap quality headsets are not really recommended to watch porn, due to the fact that they are cheaply made with low quality materials and you basically get what you pay for you. On the other hand, expensive headsets like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift are made for hardcore video gamers who play all day long with nothing better to do.

A good purchase for strictly adult VR would be the IRIS VR Headset by This headset costs $199, is made with very strong materials, it has an amazing optical system that doesn’t disappoint, the resolution is very good and mostly it’s very appealing to the eye with it’s nice all white design.
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